SWOP-Chicago meeting: April 15, 2009

The next SWOP-Chicago meeting will be Wednesday, April 15, 7-9PM. We will be discussing and accepting input on creating quick-access literature for sex workers in various aspects of the industry, namely information on their legal rights. This is part of our outreach efforts. We will also be announcing upcoming events in the Chicagoland area related to SWOP, the sex industry and other social action events as well as our next meeting date. As always, we want to discuss the best ways we can reach out to other sex workers and communities not involved in SWOP, or those who are in need of support. We hope you can come out and join our growing community. Your help and support is appreciated, even if you just want to attend a single meeting.

ABOUT US: SWOP-Chicago is a human rights organization with the specific aim of outreach and social action efforts on behalf of sex worker rights. The organization is consists of and is led by current and former sex workers, sex worker allies, social rights activists, and sex worker positive feminists, academics and students. Our meetings are open to all sex workers current or former and our allies; however, you do not have to identify as such if you are not comfortable in doing so. We strive to create as safe a space for our open meetings and respect anonymity.

Meeting details:


360 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor

Chicago, IL

Wednesday April 15, 2009: 7-9 pm

Sex Positive Film Fest


pro-SEX, pro-QUEER, pro-KINK

a free documentary film series for people who like sex
curated by Clarisse Thorn

Come out and join us for our third sex-positive documentary and discussion!  “When Two Won’t Do” will be screening for free at Hull-House Museum on Tuesday, February 24th, 7PM.  We’ll serve delicious snacks and brilliant conversation!  All are welcome — whether you’re a free speech advocate, an AIDS worker, a progressive pastor, a sexuality activist, a radical feminist, a sex worker, a pornographer, skeptical about our politics and aims, or just someone who likes talking about sex!  Sexy prizes awarded at every screening.  RSVP by calling 312.413.5353.

Please note that cameras are not allowed at these screenings — in particular, pictures of the audience are not allowed.


Maureen Marovitch believes in polyamory, the philosophy of simultaneously loving more than one person. David Finch, her live-in boyfriend, does not — and he is far from silent about his wish that Maureen break up with her two other lovers and settle down with him.  Rather than break up, the two filmmakers pack their camera gear and crisscross North America on a quest: to discover how other people deal with open relationships.

Their journey takes them to a swingers’ convention in Las Vegas, to a polyamory conference in New York, to group families in California, and into the lives of friends in Wisconsin and Ontario.  Meanwhile, the filmmakers’ own relationship detours through rocky territory.  “When Two Won’t Do” takes everyone on an emotionally breathtaking trip, questioning society’s norms about love, fidelity and the ideal relationship.

This screening is courtesy of Picture This Productions [ http://www.picturethis.ca/ ].

+ Early to Bed Feminist Sex Toys
+ Women and Children First Feminist Bookstore
+ Galleria Domain Two NFP, Inc.

+ The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
+ We’re seeking more Chicago sponsors — please get in touch if you’re interested!

+ Center on Halsted: LGBT Community Center

+ Picture This Productions
+ Erin Palmquist, filmmaker
+ Seventh Art Releasing
+ Sensory Image Pty, Ltd.
+ Cinema Libre Studio
+ Women Make Movies
+ Sam Feder, filmmaker
+ Beyondmedia Education
+ Regent Releasing
+ Indie Pictures

+ Marianna Beck, filmmaker
+ Comstock Films
+ Becky Goldberg, filmmaker
2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7PM

[ http://www.uic.edu/jaddams/hull/Events/sexPositive/sexPositive.html ]

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
800 South Halsted
All are welcome!

Hull-House Museum is wheelchair accessible.  Unfortunately, the “When Two Won’t Do” DVD is not programmed with closed caption, so we will be unable to show this documentary with subtitles.

Sex-Positive Film Fest Continues

The first film was screened on January 27th. The second film is screening tonight.

The second film in the Sex+++ film fest is “Sex Positive”:

Starting in the 1970s, unflinchingly tracks the progress of gay activist Richard Berkowitz as he went from cocky S&M hustler, to angry AIDS activist, to broken but proud harbinger of a message too volatile, scary and true to be heard.

Curated by Clarisse Thorn, who is TOTALLY awesome, the film will be screened at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum on the UIC campus, 800 S. Halsted. Festivities start at 7pm, snacks are provided. Call 312.413.5353 for more information. There is also a Google Group for the documentary series: http://groups.google.com/group/sexplusplusplus . So come out, bring a friend and try to stay for the post-film discussion. The first one was excellent, so I’m very excited about this one. Films are shown every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, at 7pm.

SEX+++ is pro-SEX, pro-QUEER, and pro-KINK.

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Outreach Training this Saturday

On Saturday Oct 18th, SWOP will be holding a training downtown at 3pm for anyone interested in doing joining our street outreach team. We will go over some important information about crisis management and talk about our approach. We’ll talk about how to handle difficult situations (should they arise), how we will deal with harassment, and other important points.

Please RSVP to janebrazen@gmail.com, or if you cannot attend but are interested. Snacks will be provided!

This is a really exciting opportunity for sex workers and their allies to reach out to their community. Hope to see you there!