For Individuals Seeking Interviews

Thanks for your interest in SWOP-Chicago and in doing research on people involved in the sex trade. We receive many requests for interviews, survey participants, and other information.

SWOP-Chicago is a small, all-volunteer organization.We also feel that it is important that individuals involved in the sex trade benefit in some way from collaboration with researchers and journalists.  While we are happy to have a brief (5-10 minute) conversation with you about SWOP-Chicago or issues impacting sex workers,  we can only accommodate a small number of requests for:

  1. Interviews with sex workers.
  2. Longer interviews or projects.
  3. Research/project promotion.

Thus, we primarily support projects if they meet at least one of the following criterion:

  • Are conducted (solely or in part) by an individual currently or previously involved in the sex trade.
  • Contribute to SWOP-Chicago’s educational/awareness raising goals by spreading evidence-based, non-stigmatizing, neutral discourse about sex workers or policies impacting sex workers to a large audience.
  • Have direct benefits for individual participants.
  • Can build the capacity of SWOP-Chicago or SWOP-Chicago members through the creation of relevant new data, through skill-development of members, through collaborative research, or other forms of support.

Please fill out the following form when contacting us with requests:

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