Advice for Child Custody Cases

1. If you can’t afford a retainer, pay for one hour consultations with a couple of family law attorneys to pick their brains. (Some don’t even charge for the initial consult)The Illinois Attorney General website provides list of legal aid clinics that offer free legal services if you cannot afford to hire your own lawyer or pay an attorney for consultations.

2. Tell the lawyer everything - so you can get the best advice. What works in family court is sometimes counter-intuitive to our instincts.

3. Gather affidavits or letters of support - hopefully from folks involved with your kids - testifying to what a great parent you are: teachers, babysitters, neighbors, doctors, community members, co-workers, etc.
3. Document everything . If the father is threatening you via email or text, get those printed out with dates on them to show harassment and intimidation and whatever his true motives are.
4. Don’t assume you will lose custody because of your job - most states don’t do that. There would have to be abuse, neglect, substance abuse, drunk driving, etc. for a change of custody.

5. Don’t lie in court. But be prepared for questions that connect your involvement in the sex trade to incapacity to raise your child[ren] in a healthy environment.

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