July 27 - Last Sunday Social

Callin’ all the purple people to come together for an evening of snacks, socializing, art, and wine.

Free wine & soft drinks. Free snacks. Artsy stuff. A plush assortment of free female condoms and fruity/colored/tuxedo/ultrathin/ultrasensitive/ king lifestyles. Good music and good vibes…sounds good, no?


Location: Bridgeport, convenient to the Red Line AND Fed-Up Fest! RSVP to meg@swop-chicago.org for the address, bitte!

Time: Sunday, 7/27   6-9PM

***This social is only open to current and former adult/sexy-biz/erotic industry workers. Including but not limited to phone-sex operators, strippers, pro-doms, subs, fetishists, web-cam guys & gals, adult film stars, escorts, streetworkers, sugar-babies…ya know.***


Teaser - August’s Last Sunday Social will be in the Loop!


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