December 17 - Thanks!

Thank you all SO much for giving your time, energy, presence and spirit on December 17th!

Veneration of Whores” was a truly beautiful, moving event.

Hannah, you did such an amazing job of organizing everything — Thank you!

Thank you to Phaedra Black, Helena Handbasket, Alec Lehrman and Eric Seligman for really outstanding performances!

Thank you Crash & DJ All the Way Kay for MC-ing and putting together music!

Thank you to Emily, Ru, & Sam for helping Meg organize the silent art auction on-the-fly!

Thank you, Emily, Ru, Wei, Samantha, Katherine, Debbie, Dove and others for donating art!

Thank you, Angela for coordinating and finding such a great performance line-up!

Thank you, Cassie for writing about December 17th on Inourwords

Thank you Mike, Nicole, Crash, Cassandra, Serpent, Cassie, and everyone else who helped decorate and table!

Thank you, SWOP-LA and SWOP-NYC for compiling names for the event!

Thank you, Serpent for giving a really great speech!

Thank you, Tara for organizing an international web-presence for December 17th!


Over 70 individuals involved in the sex trade internationally were documented as falling to violence in 2012.

Over 70 people came together in solidarity in Chicago on December 17th.

On December 17, SWOP-Chicago collected $285 in donations and art auction bids for a sex worker in our community who was assaulted this fall.


SWOP-Chicago wishes you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Fruitful New Year.

We sincerely looks forward to working with you all and to continue to fight against violence, oppression and stigma and for humanization and rights for all individuals involved in or impacted by the sex trade in 2013.

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