SWOP Chicago Benefit Party on March 6 at The Wild Pug

Come celebrate International Sex Worker’s Rights Day with SWOP-Chicago on March 6 at The Wild Pug! Raffle Prizes! Performances! Booths of Debauchery! Much, much more…

Sex Positive Film Fest

SEX POSITIVE pro-SEX, pro-QUEER, pro-KINK a free documentary film series for people who like sex curated by Clarisse Thorn Come out and join us for our third sex-positive documentary and discussion!  “When Two Won’t Do” will be screening for free at Hull-House Museum on Tuesday, February 24th, 7PM.  We’ll serve delicious snacks and brilliant conversation!  [...]

44 arrested in FBI sting

For your daily dose of fucked up, I give you Operation Cross Country. SWOP-LV on Bound, not Gagged posted about this. When I wrote about this on my personal blog, I didn’t realize it had happened in Chicago. Basically, you have FBI agents arresting sex workers solicited on Craigslist. Ostensibly, they’re targeting child prostitution and [...]

Sex-Positive Event in Chicago

Via Sex+++ mailing list and from speaking with Hazel/Cedar Troost: Yes Means Yes!:  Visions of Sexual Power and a World Without Rape Thursday, February 19 12-1pm Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Residents’ Dining Hall 800 S. Halsted FREE!  RSVP to events@prairie.org or 312.422.5580. Yes Means Yes! Visions of Sexual Power & a World Without Rape is a groundbreaking [...]

Next SWOP-Chicago Meeting Wednesday, February 18, 7-9PM

The next SWOP-Chicago meeting will be on Wednesday February 18 from 7-9PM. Location- YWCA 360 N. Michigan Ave, 8th Floor Chicago, IL At the next SWOP-Chicago meeting- We will be having a discussion of some of the psychological needs and interests of the sex worker community, including issues particular to this lifestyle. What are some [...]

Sex-Positive Film Fest Continues

The first film was screened on January 27th. The second film is screening tonight. The second film in the Sex+++ film fest is “Sex Positive”: Starting in the 1970s, unflinchingly tracks the progress of gay activist Richard Berkowitz as he went from cocky S&M hustler, to angry AIDS activist, to broken but proud harbinger of [...]

How To Be An Ally to Sex Workers

1) Don’t Assume. Don’t assume you know why a person is in the sex industry. We’re not all trafficked or victims of abuse. Some people make a choice to enter this industry because they enjoy it, others may be struggling for money and have less of a choice. 2) Be Discreet and Respect Personal Boundaries. [...]