18 Things Every Sex Worker Should Know

kitten and Serpent recorded a new podcast based on Mistress Matisse’s list of “18 Things every Sex Worker Should Know. Check it out at RedLightDistrictChicago!

SWOP-NYC: Correction in the NY TIMES

Sex workers own stories are horribly manipulated in the media. Even a paper like the New York Times will twist stories and misrepresent. We give a shout out to our NYC chapter of SWOP, who armed themselves with lawyers when nothing else worked. You go ladies! Editors’ Note: March 30, 2022 An article on March [...]

Notes on a Scandal

 The Nation | posted March 17, 2022 (web only) JoAnn Wypijewski 1. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Having exhausted the news out of the Spitzers’ troubles but impelled to sustain the morning talk-talk, television producers turned their attention to the lessons the sex scandal might hold for the prols. Fidelity experts, infidelity experts, [...]

Red Light District- Spitzer Interviews Part 2

kittenINFINITE and SerpentLibertine hit the streets on Chicago again to get people’s opinions on the Spitzer case and “Kristen”, the escort involved in the scandal. Here’s what we found out-

The hypocrites’ club

  Lexington The hypocrites’ club Mar 13th 2008From The Economist print edition Now with a new diamond-level member     ELIOT SPITZER is a hard man to defend. He was the most self-righteous politician in America—which is saying something—and an arrogant bully with it. If anybody deserves the opprobrium that is being poured on his [...]

What Do Chicagoans Think of the Elliot Spitzer Scandal?

Prostitute says rate here is $700 to $800

Prostitute says rate here is $700 to $800 HIGH-END CALL GIRL | Call girl: ‘I offer an authentic experience’ March 16, 2022 BY STEFANO ESPOSITO, ANNIE SWEENEY AND KARA SPAK Staff Reporters

“The Other Prostitution Scandal”

By Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune March 13, 2022 Politicians take people’s money with a promise to fulfill desires that supposedly can’t be attained any other way. Prostitutes do the same, though by reputation, they are more reliable in delivering. It’s not surprising for people in the same line of work to gravitate toward [...]

*Sex Workers Blow Spitzer a Farewell **Kiss*

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts Madeleine Dash, Sex Workers Action New York (SWANK), 877-776-2004 x 2 swank@riseup.net Audacia Ray, 718.554.1714 Sarah Bleviss, Sex Workers Outreach Project NYC (SWOP-NYC), swop.nyc@gmail.com Prostitutes of New York (PONY), pony@panix.com Desiree Alliance, http://www.BoundNotGagged.com<http://www.desireealliance.org/> <http://www.desireealliance.org/> *Sex Workers Blow Spitzer a Farewell **Kiss* New York, NY - In the wake of former Governor [...]

Write your Senator!

Dear Sex Worker Supporters, Sex Workers Outreach Project-Northern California and the US PROStitutes Collective have joined together to oppose changes in the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2007 (TVPRA H.R.3877). On December 4, 2021 the Bill was passed in the United States House of Representatives with 405 ayes and 2 nays and [...]